Roldana robinsoniana (Greenm.) H.Rob. & Brettell [ Senecio robinsonianus Greenm.]
Sargent, C.S., Trees and shrubs, illustrations of new or little known ligneous plants (1905-1913)
Trees & Shrubs

vol. 1 (1905)
[tt. 1-100]
t. 10
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name recognized:
885293 Roldana robinsoniana (Greenm.) H.Rob. & Brettell
name recognized (basionym):
937876 Senecio robinsonianus Greenm.

name cited:
937876 Senecio robinsonianus Greenm.

drawing: C.E. Faxon
family: Compositae
epithet: robinsonianus,-a,-um

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homotypic synonyms:
Senecio robinsonianus Greenm.;
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6 885293 Roldana robinsoniana (Greenm.) H.Rob. & Brettell (Greenm.) H.Rob. & Brettell [Senecio robinsonianus Greenm.]
C.S. Sargent, Trees & Shrubs, vol. 1 : t. 10 (1855) [C.E. Faxon]