Dioscorea villosa L. [ Dioscorea sativa L.]
Sinclair, I., Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands (1887)
Indig. Fl. Hawaii. Isl.

t. 29
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Dioscorea villosa L.

name cited:
Dioscorea sativa L.
name recognized:
Dioscorea villosa L.
drawing: I. Sinclair
family: Dioscoreaceae
tribe: Dioscoroideae
epithet cited: sativus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: villosus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Dioscorea cliffortiana Lam.; Dioscorea glauca Muhl. ex L.C.Beck; Dioscorea hexaphylla Raf.; Dioscorea hirticaulis Bartlett; Dioscorea lloydiana E.H.L.Krause; Dioscorea longifolia Raf.; Dioscorea megaptera Raf.; Dioscorea paniculata Michx.; Dioscorea pruinosa Kunth; Dioscorea quaternata J. Gmelin; Dioscorea quaternata Walter; Dioscorea quinata Walter; Dioscorea repanda Raf.; Dioscorea sativa L.; Dioscorea waltheri Desf.;
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5 345320 Dioscorea villosa L.
I. Sinclair, Indig. Fl. Hawaii. Isl.: t. 29 (1885) [I. Sinclair]