Pericallis tussilaginis (L’Hérit.) D. Don [ Cineraria waterhousiana Paxton]
Paxton, J., Magazine of botany and register of flowering plants [J. Paxton] (1834-1849)
Paxton’s Mag. Bot.

vol. 4 (1838)
p. 219
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name recognized:
769163 Pericallis tussilaginis (L’Hérit.) D. Don
name recognized (basionym):
243971 Cineraria tussilaginis L’Hérit.

name cited:
243989 Cineraria waterhousiana Paxton

family: Compositae
epithet cited: waterhousianus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: tussilaginis,-is,-e

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homotypic synonyms:
Cineraria tussilaginis L’Hérit.; Doronicum tussilaginis (L’Hérit.) Sch.Bip.; Senecio tussilaginis (L’Hérit.) Lindl.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Cineraria waterhousiana Paxton;
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6 769163 Pericallis tussilaginis (L’Hérit.) D. Don (L’Hérit.) D. Don [Cineraria waterhousiana Paxton]
J. Paxton, Paxton’s Mag. Bot., vol. 4 : p. 219 (1839) [?]