Dolichoglottis lyallii (Hook.f.) B.Nord. [ Senecio lyallii Hook.f.]
Cheeseman, T.F., Illustrations of the New Zealand flora (1914)
Ill. New Zealand Fl.

vol. 1 (1914)
t. 111
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name recognized:
354000 Dolichoglottis lyallii (Hook.f.) B.Nord.
name recognized (basionym):
936384 Senecio lyallii Hook.f.

name cited:
936384 Senecio lyallii Hook.f.

drawing: M. Smith
family: Compositae
epithet: lyalii

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homotypic synonyms:
Senecio lyallii Hook.f.;
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5 354000 Dolichoglottis lyallii (Hook.f.) B.Nord. (Hook.f.) B.Nord. [Senecio lyallii Hook.f.]
T.F. Cheeseman, Ill. New Zealand Fl., vol. 1 : t. 111 (1914) [M. Smith]