Dioscorea elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Engl. [ Testudinaria elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Burch.]
garden. An illustrated weekly journal of horticulture (1872-1927)
The Garden

vol. 18 (1880)

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Dioscorea elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Engl.

name cited:
Testudinaria elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Burch.
name cited (basionym):
Tamus elephantipes L’Hérit.
name recognized:
Dioscorea elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Engl.
name recognized (basionym):
Tamus elephantipes L’Hérit.
family: Dioscoreaceae
tribe: Dioscoroideae
epithet: elephantipes

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University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Tamus elephantipes L’Hérit.; Testudinaria elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Burch.; Testudinaria elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Dickson;
heterotypic synonyms:
Dioscorea elephantopus Sprengel; Dioscorea montana (Burch.) Sprengel; Dioscorea testudinaria R.Knuth; Testudinaria montana Burch.;
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5 344251 Dioscorea elephantipes (L’Hérit.) Engl. [116 996165 Tamus elephantipes L’Hérit.]
The Garden, vol. 18 : (1880)