Othonna natalensis Sch.Bip. [ Othonna scapigera (Harvey) Harvey]
Harvey, W.H., Thesaurus capensis, or illustrations of South African flora (1859-1863)
Thes. Cap.

vol. 1 (1859)
t. 15
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name recognized:
730145 Othonna natalensis Sch.Bip.

name cited:
730215 Othonna scapigera (Harvey) Harvey

name cited (basionym):
-1 -
drawing: W.H. Harvey
family: Compositae
epithet cited: scapigerus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: natalensis,-is,-e

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heterotypic synonyms:
Othonna scapigera (Harvey) Harvey;
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6 730145 Othonna natalensis Sch.Bip. Sch.Bip. [Othonna scapigera (Harvey) Harvey]
W.H. Harvey, Thes. Cap., vol. 1 : t. 15 (1859) [W.H. Harvey]