Pereskiopsis rotundifolia (DC.) Britton & Rose [ Cactus frutescens Sessé & Moc.]
Sessé, M., Mociño, M., Drawings from the Spanish Royal Expedition to New Spain (1787–1803) (Torner collection, Hunt Institute, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.) (1787-1803)
Draw. Roy. Exped. New Spain


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Pereskiopsis rotundifolia (DC.) Britton & Rose

name cited:
Cactus frutescens Sessé & Moc.
name recognized:
Pereskiopsis rotundifolia (DC.) Britton & Rose
name recognized (basionym):

family: Cactaceae
subfamily: Cactoideae
tribe: Cacteae
epithet: frutescens

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contact about this record homotypic synonyms:
Grusonia rotundifolia (DC.) G.D.Rowley; Pereskia rotundifolia DC.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Cactus frutescens Moç. & Sessé ex Pfeiff.; Cactus rotundifolius Moç. & Sessé ex DC.; Opuntia chapistle F.A.C. Weber; Pereskiopsis chapistle (F.A.C. Weber) Britton & Rose;