Oxalis frutescens L.
Plumier, C., Boerhaave, H., Burman, J., Codex Boerhaaveanus (drawings) (1733)

vol. 1
t. 707
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Oxalis frutescens L.

binominal name:
Oxalis frutescens L.
cited non-linnean name:
Oxys lutea frutescens Trifolii bituminosi facie

C. Plumier, Mss., vol. 4 (Botanicon Americanum seu historia plantarum Americanis insulis nascentium): t. 110 (1689-1697) [C. Plumier]

family: Oxalidaceae
subfamily: Oxalidoideae
epithet: frutescens

Illustration contributed by:
University of Groningen Library, Special Collections, Groningen, The Netherlands
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homotypic synonyms:
Acetosella frutescens species (L.) Kuntze; Lotoxalis frutescens (L.) Small;
heterotypic synonyms:
Lotoxalis neaei (DC.) Rose; Lotoxalis pentantha (Jacq.) Rose; Oxalis angustifolia Kunth; Oxalis avilensis Pittier; Oxalis bahiensis Progel; Oxalis berlandieri Torrey; Oxalis camporum Brandegee; Oxalis chacoensis R. Knuth; Oxalis charaguensis R. Knuth; Oxalis coccinea Woodson & Schery; Oxalis cruzeirensis R. Knuth; Oxalis descolei R. Knuth; Oxalis diffusa Pohl ex Progel; Oxalis distans A.St.-Hil.; Oxalis glaucifolia R. Knuth; Oxalis guatemalensis R. Knuth; Oxalis harmsiana R. Knuth; Oxalis herzogii R. Knuth; Oxalis hispida Mart. ex Zucc.; Oxalis jahnii Pittier; Oxalis leptophylla G. Don; Oxalis neaei DC.; Oxalis nodulosa Pittier; Oxalis pentantha Jacq.; Oxalis pilosissima Turcz.; Oxalis plumieri Jacq.;
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1 732076 Oxalis frutescens L.
C. Plumier, H. Boerhaave, J. Burman, , vol. 1 : t. 707 (1733)