Loranthus triflorus
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Loranthus triflorus Span. [Unresolved]
ID recognized genus:5329
recognized genus:Loranthus Jacq.
ID species:620798
ID basionym:620798
ID publication:1053
ID volume:0

homotypic synonyms:
Amylotheca triflora (Span.) Danser; Decaisnina triflora (Span.) Tieghem; Elytranthe triflora (Span.) Engl.;

protologue: Linnaea 15: 208 (1841)

protologue (title page): Schlechtendal, D.F.L. von, Linnaea, vol. 15 (1841)

Loranthus triflorus Span.
H. Ruiz, J. Pavón, Draw. Roy. Bot. Exped. Viceroy. Peru: (1777-1816)

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