localhostrootplantgenera Kalanchoe õ╝¢ÞôØÞÅ£Õ▒×
Kalanchoe Adans. [Crassulaceae]
100 OW tropics, esp. trop. Afr. & Madag.; 1 S Am

: latinisation of kalan chau huy, a name which was found by G. J. Kamel (q.v. Camellia L.) in the appendix of the third volume of RayÔÇÖ s Historia Plantarum, as being the chinese vernacular name of the present Kalanchoe laciniata DC. Bretschneider (History of European botanical discoveries in China I, 18) states however that he ÔÇÖ can make nothing of these above, which is evidently a currupted Chinese name.ÔÇÖ